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Facebook Business Pages are a key component in marketing for businesses, brands, and organizations. But how exactly can you optimize your page for bolstered results? Gone are the days of simply creating a Page and sharing generic branded content. To be successful, a business’ Facebook presence needs to not only align with business objectives, but also contribute to an integral and comprehensive marketing strategy. To do this, it is pivotal to stay up-to-date on the new characteristics and features. So whether you are a newbie starting from scratch or an existing user looking to update an established Page, let’s take a look at some essential tips and strategies to optimize your Page.

Get the most out of your facebook page

Let’s take a look at a few ways to easily and effectively optimize your Facebook Business Page for better results!

Support your business goals with an appropriate Page template

This business-friendly integration allows for Page layout customizations to be made based on the type of business you wish to have. Currently, Facebook Business Page users have 10 templates to choose from (including services, shopping, restaurants, etc.) and each individual template changes the order in which the sections appear within the timelines and tabs. You can customize your current template to add or remove certain tabs under Settings > Templates & Tabs.

Important Tip: When deciding to use a template, it is important to think about your overall business goal (for example, the shopping template prioritizes showcasing products, which will encourage visitors to browse), since your layout is how your Page will appeal to your visitors/customers.

Complete your Facebook Business Page “About” section

Even though the “About” section of a Facebook Business Page is no longer amply displayed, a detailed and accurate write up about your business can provide a huge boost in helping build your audience’s expectations and interest for those who do click on it.

Important Tip: Adding important links and keyword in this section can dramatically help improve your Page’s SEO!

Get visitors to join your mailing list: Use a custom tab

Using custom tabs on your Page allows you better control over what your customers / visitors see and what actions they decide to take while on your Page. People are definitely more inclined to sign up for your email list than they are to interact with you directly on Facebook, so using a custom tab to direct people to your mailing list is a great way to generate return-on-investment (ROI) from your Page. Set this up via MailChimp, click here.

Cover Videos: Get Engagement

The cover of your Page is your principal means of communicating your brand to your visitors. Cover videos can help businesses create a more engaging atmosphere and can boost interaction with visitors by drawing their attention right from the start. When choosing and developing a cover it is vital to make sure that it contains strong, engaging, and on-brand creative content.

Interesting Fact: Almost 90% of consumers say that strong, positive videos help them in making purchasing decisions.

Not sure what size cover video to upload? Check out our quick guide to size recommendations for posts, cover images, videos, etc. below.

Call-to-Action Button: A strong way to drive interaction

Strategically placing a strong call-to-action (CTA) button below your cover image can help increase the amount of action your page receives. A CTA button can assertively send additional traffic to your website, allow visitors direct messaging options, sign-ups, bookings, shopping, learning more about your business, and much much more. When assigning a call-to-action, make sure the direction conforms with the projected action on your destination Page.

Place your most important posts at the top!

A pinned post is a status update that you can manually appoint to stay at the top of your Page’s Timeline. A pinned post will not move down even as you continue to add additional content and posts to your Page. This feature of Facebook Business Page optimization can be extremely helpful in highlighting important content that you wish to spotlight for a longer period of time.

Pinned Content Ideas:
Special Offers or Promotions
Opt-In Incentives or Lead Magnets
Live Videos
Urgent or Important information

Encourage customers to leave feedback and reviews

In today’s day and age, online social proof and peer recommendations and reviews are an important part of customer trust and satisfaction. Reviews not only build trust and encourage customer confidence, but they also receive a distinctive placement on Facebook Business Pages.

A few great ways to encourage reviews on your Page are CTA’s and incentives.

Interesting Fact: With just over 80% of people in today’s world trusting online reviews, having distinguished and quality reviews on your Facebook Business Page can help drive higher results!

Do your homework! Research and review your own strategies, as well as the competitors

If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. If something on your Page is working, stick with it, there is a good chance it will work again in the future. Keep in mind though that quality over quantity plays a huge role in determining success, make sure you don’t end up overusing what has worked in the past.

Along with monitoring your own Page strategies, keeping a watchful eye on your competition will help identify new trends and give you fresh perspectives and strategies for your own Page!

Now that we know some tips for optimizing our Facebook Business Page, let’s take a look at another great, FREE way to increase results from your Page, through Organic Reach.

Maximize Your Organic Reach

Before we begin discussing how to maximize your organic reach, let’s take a second to make sure we are on the same page. In general, social media “reach” refers to how many people viewed a specific post. Working with Facebook, you can expect two main types of reach, Page and Post. While Page reach (also known as “total reach”) allows you to see how many unique users viewed any content related to your whole Facebook Page in a given time period, Post reach let’s you see the number of users who looked at and viewed a specific post you made.

Post reach can be broken down into two main types, organic and paid reach. Since it is obvious from the name that the later will cost you money to achieve, organic reach can be defined as the number of people who saw a post that was not aided by any ad money whatsoever. So without further ado, let’s take a look at some good ways to maximize your Facebook Business Page organic reach that can help increase your audience and promote your business/brand:

Use captivating images and videos

Having visually attractive content is an absolute must to stand out in people’s increasingly crowded News Feeds! Posts that get more engagement from viewers get elevated in users’ feeds, thus netting you more reach as well.

Keep in mind however, that you can’t just post anything and everything to Facebook! Publishing low-quality images, videos, and link post images can harm your reputation and make you look unattractive and unprofessional to your audience. To make your Facebook posts compelling, they need to look respectable and have the right dimensions. Check out our guide below for a quick overview of the recommended sizes and dimensions.

Interesting Fact: A recent survey found that more than 60% of marketers believe that visual content is vital for their social media strategy.

Diversify post formats

One of the first tips for extending your organic reach on your Facebook Business Page is to tryout out a wide array of different post types.

For example, if you are someone who mainly posts videos, but have noticed that your reach has been declining recently, try creating a few image posts instead and see how they perform.

Trying new post formats, even if you are still getting decent reach by routinely using the same Facebook post types, is a great way to keep your content flow fresh and attractive for your audience! Try out different formats to learn what resonates with your audience and what works best.

Important Tip: While it has never been fully confirmed, many people believe that Facebook prioritizes posts in new formats in the News Feed, thus giving them more reach. By tracking the reach of posts in each format over time, you can definitely gain a beneficial understanding and knowledge of which types are the most relevant to your audience and which types end up in their News Feeds most often.

Time your posts well to elevate reach

When you post your content to Facebook matters almost as much as the actual content itself. For instance, if you share an amazing photo or story at 3am, aside from the night owl who stays up late, by the time your real target audience wakes up, your post will already be lost, buried deep at the bottom of their News Feeds. Using Facebook analytics can help you determine when your fans are online, and when the best time to post really is.

Important Tip: Posting at peak hours when your followers are most likely to be browsing also means that you will run the risk of more competition to get your posts seen since more people will be posting at these times. One of the best solutions is to try and push your content out just before these peak traffic hours so that you have your content and posts out when your audience first opens Facebook. (Ex. If your Facebook Insights show that 9 AM is prime traffic time for your audience, trying posting content at 8:45 to get a jump on competitors.)

Focus on engagement, make your audience feel something

A post that generates discussion amongst your audience will be pushed higher up the News Feeds. To put it simply, Facebook will show your posts to people if it feels that they inspire users to interact between one another.

One of the most effective ways to increase engagement with your posts, and therefore your organic reach, is to appeal to your audience’s emotions. The more passionately people feel about a piece of content, the more likely they are to respond, share, and comment on it. To give you a better idea, here are some content ideas to increase your Facebook reach and engagement:

  • Create content that inspires curiosity, interest, and fun facts.
  • Content that elicits strong emotion or opinions generate a lot of buzz and discussion.
  • Post on trending topics that people are familiar with, and interested in.
  • Engage directly with your audience: Include reply questions or ask for feedback in your posts.

Request that your followers turn on notifications

One of the best and easiest ways to increase organic reach is to ask your followers to turn on notifications. By turning on their notifications, they will automatically see your posts at the top of their New Feeds.

Important Tip: Avoid driving away your followers by posting too much of the same content.

Bonus Tip: Throw in a few ads

While we won’t talk too much about this, as it technically isn’t a tip to increase your “organic” reach, if your goal is to reach as wide an audience as possible, then using a small ad budget and campaign to jumpstart organic posts can be a tremendous help!

Using your successful organic Facebook posts as a starting point, find out what content receives the highest return and give it a boost with a sponsored or paid ad. A good way to go about this is by checking to see which of your organic ads receive the most engagement and then pay to advertise the winners to help maximize your results.

The Facebook Pixel: What it does and why you should use it

With its massive audience, indulging ad types, and helpful integrations, it’s hard to deny that Facebook is an advertiser’s dream. Having looked at a few tips and tricks to improve our Facebook Business Page, and helpful hints to improve our organic reach, let’s take one last look at a powerful and valuable tool that can provide a huge benefit to Facebook Business Pages: the Facebook Pixel.

So, what is facebook pixel?

To sum it up, the Facebook pixel is a piece of code which can be inserted into the back end of your site that can help provide key information to help you create better and more targeted Facebook ads. In terms of your Facebook Business Page, the Facebook Pixel can help ensure that your ads are seen by people who are most likely to take your desired action, thus allowing you to better determine and improve the ROI you are striving for.

If you haven’t started using Facebook ads yet, don’t worry, you still can and SHOULD install the Facebook Pixel as soon as possible. Even without ads, the Facebook Pixel will start collecting data right away so that you do not have to start from scratch when you decide to start using Facebook ads.

Key Benefits

Facebook Pixel can help build custom audiences.

As one of Facebook’s most powerful targeting abilities, rather than building your audience yourself, or with the self-serve ad tool, allow Facebook Pixel to do it instead. Facebook Pixel can make the whole process faster and easier, adding to the productivity of your advertising campaign. Rather than using demographics or interests, the Facebook Pixel creates an audience group based on those people who have actually engaged with the page your pixel is on. This allows for a dramatically improved focus group of people who have already taken interest in your product.

Using the Facebook Pixel to build “lookalike” audiences.

While no one will deny that custom audiences are great, what about when you want to expand your reach beyond those who are just visiting your website? Well, that is what “lookalike” audiences are meant for. Installing and using the Facebook retargeting pixel, you can use the custom audiences already generated as a starting point to build new audiences similar to the original.  This means instead of having to make an educated guess on which new group to start targeting, you can reach similar and ideal prospects like the ones in your custom group.

Track and improve conversions.

Another great reason that all Facebook Business Page owners and advertisers should use Facebook Pixel is its ability to track conversions. Installing Facebook Pixel on key landing pages will allow you access to see who’s converting, what pages they are visiting, and how much return-on-investment your campaigns are generating. With this information, you’ll have the data to assess what steps are necessary for improvement, as well as a better idea of what tactics are working.

Using the Facebook Pixel for remarketing.

Using the Facebook Pixel for remarketing is a great way to help show targeted ads to people who have already visited or shown interest in your site or product. By using the data collected by the Facebook Pixel, you can choose to show ads to visitors based on their interest in your site, or even where they left off (Ex. If a visitor selected a product from your site, but abandoned the checkout process, you can send them an ad showing the exact product they had added to their shopping cart.). Best of all, once you have implemented the Facebook Pixel on your relevant pages, audiences will be systematically updated as people visit the different pages.

A quick guide to size recommendations for posts, cover images, and videos

Having talked quite a bit about uploading and adding content to our Facebook Business Page, here is a short list of our recommended sizes for different content types that you may use. Keep in mind that Facebook will automatically resize a lot of your content to fit in its designated space, so some of these recommendations may also be the maximum upload size for the highest resolution content. Faceook is known to compress media and make it look pixelated, so using high-resolution photos is important. 



Recommended Upload Size

Profile Picture

2048px by 2048px

Page Cover Photo

820px by 312px

Page Cover Video

820px by 462px

Image/Photo Upload

2048px by 2048px


1280px by 720px

Link Posts

1200px by 628px

Facebook Ad Images

1200px by 628px


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