we are socl.

We pronounce it ‘social media’, and as our name suggests, our roots are deep in social media management and marketing. You know what? We’re really, really good at it.

Our clients needed more and we all know the internet demands more. Social media isn’t enough on its own. Your entire online presence needs to work together in perfect harmony and we do just that.

From awesome websites to smart digital marketing and everything in between – we help get your business found online (and make more money).


take back your time

Stop doing it all. You put so much time, energy and love into your business that it can be difficult to stand back and evaluate what it is that YOU need.

As business owners, we often try to wear 27 hats. The issue is, not all of them fit properly. Stick to what you know and love, and leave the rest to us.

meet the crew
Krystal | Founder & Creative Director
Fresh from the trenches of business school (B.Comm/Fin/eComm), Krystal lead marketing teams for top Canadian and US banks. The corporate world couldn’t hold her down and her love for digital marketing grew beyond her confined office doors.

In 2014, SOCL Media was born. What started as a passion project designed to bring businesses and their customers together, online, has flourished into a full-service one-stop-shop digital agency. Krystal and her team continue to bring that same passion to each and every project.

Bree | SOCL Queen
Our team is complete with Bree on board. As social media trends continues to change, her social savvy and tech knowledge are growing by the minute.

Thanks, Bree, for keeping our clients in the loop and in the search results.

Awesome Freelancers | Worldwide
We have forged some solid relationships with some of the most sought-after freelancers in the industry to help bring your entire online presence together with custom graphics, programming, video content, and more!

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