Kathi Robertson. Award-Winning Ottawa Photographer.

award-winning photos…

…but her websites and marketing material weren’t.

Kathi was using ancient websites for her photography portfolios. They were slow, had ONE image on the home page and her wedding site took almost 46 seconds to load. Yikes!

Time for a refresh!

a focus on the images

Kathi approached us in 2016 to help improve and expand on her digital properties. We started with a redesign of her wedding website. Since then, we’ve collaborated on a number of initiatives ranging from user experience enhancements to backend optimizations, the launch of a new secondary site and marketing materials.

We turned the focus to her craft and let her breathtaking photos speak for themselves on both websites..


Going strong

Kathi continues to work with SOCL on digital marketing campaigns including Google Ads, graphics, website maitenance and marketing material, including design, printing and delivery!