It’s happened to all of us. We’re browsing Facebook from our phone, we click on a business page only to see 1/4 of a blurry cover photo and no posts in 2 months. Just like that, we’re gone, never looking back. Right? Don’t let this be your page. Your business deserves better.

Over 75% of Facebook users access the app from mobile devices.

Is your Facebook Business Page making these common mistakes? ?

You work hard to create a cool cover photo, upload it from your laptop and then never look at it again? Well, guess what? It probably looks like ? on mobile.

Facebook recommends a cover image that is 820 x 312 px, but in reality, only a portion of that image will show on mobile.

Below is a standard-sized Facebook cover image, but notice the red box?
That’s essentially the mobile ‘safe-zone’, any portion of text and image outside of that box will be cut off on mobile.

Now – let’s not forget that stat we talked about earlier: over 75% of your customers are viewing your page from mobile.  Your page NEEDS to look good on mobile and this is where you should start. Your cover image welcomes potential customers to your page and if it sucks, they won’t scroll down. 

Now that your Facebook Business Page cover photo is clear and easy-to-read on mobile, let’s talk about the profile pic. Is it a blurry, disproportionate version of your logo?


Make sure you have a clear, crisp photo of your logo that’s square and at least 500 x 500 px. You’ll want your logo to be completely centered in the square and only covering about 25% of the space so that your logo fits completely inside the circle previews.

Take a look at the red circle outline below, that’s what shows in the Facebook Business Page previews (as in the photo directly above).  

When uploading your newly-sized logo to your business page, the key is to make sure it’s completely zoomed out so that it fits perfectly in the circle. Facebook will automatically zoom in a bit, so be sure to zoom out before setting the image. 

This is your chance to set yourself apart from your competition. You can creatively tell your business’ story using a ton of text and you can even insert images.  It’s like a mini blog! 

We suggest keeping it fresh, updating your story and photo at least every couple of months. This is important since it’s prominent in mobile view and the more awesome content your potential customers see, with minimal scrolling, the better! 

Remember earlier when we mentioned that part of your Business Page cover photo doesn’t show in mobile? It’s the same with the Our Story photo – only the center part of the image will be visible. Take a look at the screen shots below.  

See the cutoff? Upload a photo with minimal text and be sure that it’s centered so it looks good on mobile. Oh, and don’t forget to keep it fresh! 

You may have also noticed in the Our Story mobile view above that the first few words in the text of your story are visible. Make these count! We used a quote from our fearless leader, but you may choose to use an attention-grabbing stat or funny opening. Create something that will entice people to click that ‘read more’ button. 

If you are a local service provider and you aren’t clearly listing your services on your Facebook Business Page, you’re losing $$$. When potential customers find you they want to know that you provide exactly what they’re after. You don’t need to list pricing unless you have a set price for each service and you feel comfortable putting it out there. But be sure to have a clear description (up to 200 words) and photo that properly represents each service. 

Now that you’ve addressed the 4 major issues with Facebook Business Pages, take a look at your page from a visitors viewpoint. What images do they see, how does your story look? Are your services well-defined?  Here’s how you do it from mobile:  


Now that your Facebook Business Page is up to par – don’t forget to stay consistent with your content and don’t be afraid to make offers to your audience once-in-a-while!


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