is live!

Eleven Love has a brand new eCommerce store!

We love everything about this brand which was built on pillars of love and kindness.
Each product they create is meant to uplift and inspire. 

The number 11 is so mystical!
Why do we feel something when we see 11:11 on the clock?
Why are so many people drawn to this number?
They believe it is a nudge from the Universe reminding us to keep our thoughts positive and that divine power is always there for us, and to help guide us.  We just need to remember, and ask! 

Eleven Love was founded by Alda Lee and Dawn Evans in 2017. In 2018, they organically gained another member; Shannon Silsbe. They are local Ottawa moms that met through their children and they believe the universe has brought them all together to help spread love, kindness, and to raise the worlds’ vibrations through their products.

The incredible Ana Clara Tavares Studios put her magical touch on their product / brand images. We are so in love with her style, which was a perfect reflection for this brand full of light and love.

SOCL Media got to build something really special for the Eleven Love team and we couldn’t be more proud. We integrated modern options like social media logins, a messenger option, fun wishlist feature, and a beautiful custom store layout designed to sell. We set up their Facebook and Instagram stores so they can easily sell, and tag products, right from social.

Take a peek — www.elevenlove.com