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Your website is your home base and it speaks loudly about your business. What is your website saying to potential customers? Is it selling your services or scaring everyone away? Let’s find out. Grab our Free Digital Audit.


Sell online with confidence! 
You’ll need a secure site, a sleek user experience and a site designed to sell. The big question: Shopify or WordPress?! Get started with our Free Digital Audit and we’ll help you decide.

social media 

Put the incredible power of social media to work for your business. Gain vital insights and laser-target your marketing campaigns. Grow a loyal, local following and get on the right platforms with the right content. Let’s chat about why Facebook is one of the most affordable and data-rich marketing platforms and how you can grow a local, organic audience on Instagram. 


A huge percentage of online interactions start with a search and Google is the Queen of her castle. We shouldn’t have to say this but, get on this platform – like yesterday!. Whether you have a budget for paid search ads or you just want to increase your organic reach on maps and in search results, we’ve got you covered. 
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the blog

SOCL Media got to build something really special for the Eleven Love team and we couldn’t be more proud. We integrated modern options like social media logins, a fun wishlist feature and a beautiful store layout designed to sell. 

Get Verified on Facebook

Wondering what’s up with those little checkmarks beside some Facebook Business Page names? It’s called Verification! Show up higher in search results and improve credibility. Here’s how.

Google Is Your friend

Google My Business is almost always the most neglected social platform…
but with a little effort, it can be a powerful tool for marketing and online visibility. Post, share offers and events and show up on Google Maps.


“If you’re sick of trying to do it all, learn to accept your weaknesses and hire out. Bringing SOCL Media on board was one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made. Krystal is on point with her strategy suggestions and she really helped to open our eyes to the beauty of social marketing for our business. Thanks to Krystal and her stellar team.”

– Shannon D.

“Thank you so much for everything! It’s way more than I ever imagined. I get so many compliments on my new website”

– Ginette L.

“It’s tough to keep up with social media and it’s even tougher to know where to focus your energy. SOCL Media makes it “Krystal” clear and our growth has been substantial. Thanks for showing us the way!”

– Sharon G.

“It’s like you’re inside my head, the website is exactly how I envisioned it”

“Thank you for being so awesome to work with!”

– Catherine L. 

“I love your process and you make it so simple for us. Your tutorials are a life-saver for non-technical people like me who want to try and maintain their own website. I finally have a website I can promote with confidence. I only wish I did it sooner. Thanks for everything” 

– Natalie S.

THANK YOU! With only the splash page up I am already LOVING people’s reaction. “Wow!” seems to be the common word used. Fantastic first impression! If you are looking for a website, rebuilding a website, or social media help, contact SOCL. Dream to work with” 

– Crystal H.

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