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Edge out the competition with a smart social media presence  and a marketing strategy that perfectly sells your brand.

Showoff your site

What do potential customers find when they visit your website? Let’s make it memorable.

Put Them to Work

Keep your entire online presence aligned and generating revenue.
Social + Web = Growth²
Social + Web?
Welcome to 2018 –  where a strong online presence is no longer optional. If customers, and potential customers, can’t find you online, or if what they find sucks (sorry to break it to you), they’re gone in an instant.

It’s not about one platform or a few words and images on an old website. Your entire online presence needs to scream: “WE ARE THE BEST“.

Does it?


Time Working Against You?

There just aren’t enough hours in the day to keep everyone, and every aspect of your business, happy. Stick to what you love and leave the rest to us. You’ll be happy you did.

Overwhelmed by Tech?

There are a lot of factors, settings, techniques and time behind social media technology and optmization. We’re like a double-dose of meds for that splitting tech headache.

Let’s make magic

It’s simple. Your customized Client Portal gives you instant access to all your information, invoices and contracts.

Our easy-to-understand on-boarding forms and simple file uploading options make getting your content to us easy.

Stop wasting time on figuring out social media every. single. day. Stick to what you love. We will, too.

hate your website?

No Time to Figure it out?

Building a website is tricky. Beyond the technical aspect, you need to consider the layout, colours, image size, coding, etc etc etc. No time? We figured.

Too Much to Learn?

You could spend hours on YouTube and Google and DIY a half-assed excuse for a website or you can invest in your business and present something you’re proud of.

❤️ Your website!

When you have SOCL Media on your side, designing or redesigning your website is not as overwhelming as it sounds.

We make it easy to upload your photos and information. Don’t worry about editing them. We resize images, optimize text and figure out placement for you.

Every moment that your website lacks, you lose potential customers  (aka $). So, what exactly are you waiting for?

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Market U is Almost Here, Ottawa!

Market U is Almost Here, Ottawa!

SOCL Media is stoked to be the media partner for this hip project in conjnection with Call Betty! Marketing. Market U is coming! Catherine from Call Betty! is dropping an epic globally influenced, locally sourced marketplace directly on uOttawa campus. They're...

New Website Launch for Kathi Robertson Weddings

New Website Launch for Kathi Robertson Weddings

SOCL Media's recent web project was a really fun and creative redesign. We got to work with Kathi Robertson, an amazing Ottawa wedding photographer, to build a website that truly represented her style and personality without compromising functionality. We built in a...

Does Your Facebook Business Page Suck?

Does Your Facebook Business Page Suck?

It's happened to all of us. We're browsing Facebook from our phone, we click on a business page only to see 1/4 of a blurry cover photo and no posts in 2 months. Just like that, we're gone, never looking back. Right? Don't let this be your page. Your business deserves...

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